Blockchain technology presents a fundamental shift in the methodology of various processes which can upset major industries. This disruptive nature and its extensive reach, raises concerns regarding regulation and prevention of its abuse.


Since its inception, Blockchain technology has been applied to a myriad of functions, fulfilling an ever-growing number of different purposes and addressing numerous inadequacies. It presents a fundamental shift in the methodology of various processes that has the potential to upset major industries in the near future. This disruptive nature coupled with its extensive reach, raises concerns as to the need for regulation and prevention of its abuse.

Given our long-standing involvement with Blockchain technology such as ICOs since 2015, Christopher Bridges Law Corporation presents an intimate knowledge of this fast-developing industry and a keen sense of discernment for your needs according to your business purposes and the nature of your tokens. Our clients include the highly successful and widely popular COSS.IO, Puregold.IO, Zilla.IO and Bittwatt.IO, which successfully carried out their ICOs/token swaps. In addition to the appointment of Fintech Legal Advisor to these clients, Director of Christopher Bridges Law Corporation, Mr Christopher Bridges, was also the co-founder of COSS.IO and was instrumentally involved in the COSS.IO ICO.

Services provided include:

  • Vetting of your White Paper
  • Legal opinion on compliance with the Payment Services Act and whether your digital token constitutes a security or a futures contract under the SFA for the purposes of listing on cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • Fintech Legal advice on the structure of your digital token according to its functions as described in your White Paper
  • Legal advice on the exceptions available to offers of investments
  • Small Offer
  • Private Placement Offer
  • Offer to Institutional Investors Only
  • Offer to Accredited Investors Only
  • Drafting of the terms and conditions of your Token Swap/ICO agreement


Legal advice on the AML/AFT regulations

Legal advice on Company best practices/KYC