Dispute Resolution, Litigation & Arbitration

Our focus is to obtain the overall best result with a focus on a Commercial Solution and avoiding increasing legal fees. We are focused on trying to resolve the dispute early through negotiation where possible. We ensure that our fees are reasonable and that there is hands-on supervision of your matter and that you will be advised on any developments from start to end.

Civil Litigation

This involves commencing a Claim/Defending against a Claim in either the State Courts of Singapore or the High Court depending on the amount of the Claim. Our services will include drafting all necessary legal pleadings and appearing at all necessary Court attendances including Mediation.


Arbitration is a form of dispute resolution that is private, often less expensive and which is usually completed sooner than cases in court. Our Mr. Bridges is a member of the Singapore Institute of Arbitrators and has handled numerous Arbitration cases.

Debt Collection & Recovery

We provide effective legal solutions to recover debts and will do so in a professional manner so as to avoid any potential conflicts, harassment claims or any tarnishment of our client’s reputation.

If you are a provider of services or supplier of goods/materials and have outstanding invoices from your client, we are able to assist by issuing standard letters of demand at a very competitive price. If payment is not made, we will commence the Claim in Court to recover the amounts due. Our focus is on securing payments of your invoices and not just to just obtain a judgment without securing payment from the debtor.

Contract Disputes

This covers the entire range of any contractual dispute. We will study the terms of the Contract and advise you on the merits of your case against the other party. The focus is on a financial practical resolution of the contractual dispute.

Bankruptcy & Insolvency

This involves us advising you on the practical aspects of commencing Bankruptcy and Insolvency proceedings against a Debtor.

We have extensive experience in dealing with issues relating to bankruptcy law (relating to individuals) and are able to handle the often-complicated paperwork involved in prosecuting or defending a claim. In the event that a client wishes to repay sums, we act quickly in applying to be party to appropriate debt repayment schemes.

Torts: Negligence, Personal Injury, Defamation

Tort law encompasses a wide range of potential causes of action.

Negligence is the aspect of law that deals with compensation for harm arising from carelessness. This may be from workplace negligence or an accident, resulting in personal injury or property damage. We aim to adequately protect your interests and are able to advise on how to achieve a satisfactory outcome for all parties involved. In the event that such a claim is made in court, we are able to represent you either to prosecute your claim or to defend the claim against you.

Defamation includes damage to personal or business reputation.


Insolvency refers to the situation where either an individual (bankruptcy) or company (winding up or liquidation) is deemed unable to pay their debts. We are able to advise on not only applying for winding up or liquidation orders and other aspects of the process such as debt restructuring and receivership.