Family Law

We are familiar with the legal issues involved in divorces, child custody, maintenance and the division of assets. We understand the emotional turmoil involved in matrimonial proceedings and are able to provide advice and act for our clients in a sensitive but practical manner.


We realise and acknowledge that Divorce is a painful experience that will affect all parties involved. Our focus is to achieve a divorce based on consensual grounds where all issues such as Custody, Care and Control and Maintenance and Division of Assets are resolved holistically.


A will is a legal document made by a person for the distribution of his/her assets to family and friends upon his/her demise. To ensure that property and assets are passed on to the intended beneficiaries upon death, it is recommended that each client makes a Will. We provide will-drafting services as well as advice on succession, inheritance or intestacy issues (where no will was made).

Probate & Letters of Administration

In the case of a recent death in the family, we are able to assist you to administer the deceased’s estate through making an application to the Court to have a person appointed to legally continue to represent the estate of the deceased.

Family Law in Singapore
Family Law in Singapore